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At the end of the first decade of the successful progress of the School a new challenge emerged. The time had come to find a future for the students when they reach school-leaving age. Mainstream employment could not be considered. These young people would be unable to function in the stressful and competitive situations, which are part of open employment. They need acceptance of their limitations.
A sheltered Workshop was considered to be the best option. Thus it was that Snehanilayam Vocational Unit was established in 1987. It began on a small Scale but gradually grew into a fully-fledged unit.
In the vocational Centre there are four sectors. The most important is light carpentry. The main products are educational materials for Nursery and Kindergarten Schools, Gift items such as; pen holders, letter holders, key holders, wall hangers, key chains, table mats, coasters, ornamental jars and other novel items.
The jewellery making has varieties of neck laces, earrings and bangles for ladies. The product of the home science sectors is Pickles, snacks, Squash, soap, disinfectant etc.

Educational PuzzlesSnehanilayam Vocational Centre always has a great collection of puzzles in various colours and shapes and perfect teaching aids for the Nursery and Kindergarten Schools. They are colourful and attractive which makes learning easy and enjoyable. Numbers, animals, fruit, flowers, shapes, alphabets and many more attractive puzzles to improve fine motor skill. School becomes fun. And increases the eagerness of the child to go to School. A few of these puzzles at home will ensure pleasurable leisure time for little ones! The television might lose its popularity. A puzzle could be an ideal birthday gift for a tiny tot.

Tired of lost pens and untidy desk?  Here is a solution.  A wooden pen stand will keep your desk tidy. They are available in a variety colours and shapes.  Other odds and ends such as rubber paper clips etc. can also be accommodated in it. Then add a letter stand to keep all your impotent correspondence in one place on your desk. There are lots of them at Snehanilayam Vocational centre.

Key hangersToo many keys, do not know where to hang them. Here you can find key holders in various shapes, colours and sizes which will keep all your keys safe and easy to find.


Designer or decorative pots, flowerwase, interior designing items Thinking of giving a face lift to your home? The earthenware pots artistically painted and decorated by our students, will help to spruce up your home. Then a wall hanger here and there will add to its beauty and make your neighbour envious. Look for them at Sneahnilayam. Other decorative and useful items made here are; key chains, fridge magnet, Banana stand, coasters, greeting cards etc.

PicklesGood news for gourmets. When you are tired of the same menu the home science brings you a variety of mouth watering pickles, squash, fresh and dry snacks etc. to tickle your taste- buds.  Come and experience the thrill. We provide snacks for family functions. Call us when you need.Hand made jewellery from snehanilayam special school

No gender bias. The fair sex not sidelined. For them there is a wide range in the latest models of necklaces, chains, rings, earings, bangles’ etc. to delight even a connoisseur in jewellery art.

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The Institution is registered as a Charitable Society under the Travencore Cochin Literary, Scientific Charitible Societies Registration Act 1955 vide order PR 176/77 dated 14-07-1977, Govt. of India.
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